About Brandon


The Inspiration

Born and raised in Alaska, Brandon Thibodeau grew up with a passion for the outdoors.   Since moving to California ten years ago, he has continued to spend as much time as he can outside—running on the beach, fishing, and mountain biking, and playing flag football, kickball and softball.

At the age of eighteen Brandon developed an interest in fitness, not only for its aesthetic effects on his body, but also for the pain relief it provided. Brandon was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age and eventually developed a herniated disc within his thoracic vertebrae. He discovered that the only way to live a pain-free life was to manage a consistent fitness program. Having learned from a lifelong fitness guru, he knew he wanted to help others obtain their goals. Brandon continues to practice what he preaches and loves being an active part of the fitness industry.


With Brandon as my trainer, I’ve been able to lose pounds and inches as well as improve my posture.

Susan, Age 69


Brandon holds the following certifications: NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine), NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers), Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, and CPR & AED Certified.  Brandon graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.



Brandon started his fitness career at 22, when he became the youngest Private Trainer at Sports Club LA/Irvine, an exclusive club in Southern California.  Having the opportunity to train at such a club allowed him to work with a number of individuals from all walks of life to help them achieve their fitness goals.  His clients included high profile executives seeking to alleviate their stress, women looking to lose their baby weight, an 89-year-old man still determined to climb his two flights of stairs every day  and men and women in their 30’s and 40’s looking for a lifestyle change to stay on the path of being healthy.

Brandon knew this was his true passion when he realized that he could help people not only physically, but also emotionally. Brandon gladly wakes up every morning knowing he is an added benefit to others’ lives and he is so fortunate that his true passion and his career are one and the same.

Brandon challenges me to take my fitness level to new heights and I always walk away from our workouts feeling refreshed and ready for my day!

Haley, Age 35