September Tip: Why Breakfast?


To no surprise, many of my busy working friends tell me they skip breakfast all the time. They claim they’re “on a budget” or “too busy”, I’ve even heard “I’m watching my weight.” However, science tells us that the body needs food in the AM in order to function properly. The body is always metabolically active, and when we don’t eat for 8-12 hours; our cells are technically “starving”. The best and most efficient way to maintain a healthy body weight is to eat breakfast, in combination with other healthy snacks and meals throughout the day.

Research shows that skipping breakfast increases the likelihood that you will overeat later on. Scientists from London’s Imperial College recently found that when comparing individuals who ate a 750-calorie breakfast to a group who ate no breakfast, an MRI showed disregulated activity in the orbitofrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for decisions involving pleasure and reward (particularly with food). When subjects who hadn’t eaten, were shown pictures of high-calorie foods, this part of the brain was activated much more than in those who had eaten breakfast. Numerous studies, such as these prove that people are more likely to overeat when skipping breakfast; choosing high calorie-high fat items.

SOURCE: Rachel Hochstadt, RD Student